Why do children need to study physics in school?

Often schoolchildren (and especially schoolgirls) ask the question: “Why should I study physics if it is not interesting to me and is not useful to me at all in my life?”

Here’s a simple answer. After all, motivation when studying a particular subject is a very important thing! Indeed, how to explain to a teenager who is not interested in physics, who is not going to associate a profession with it, that he needs to learn all these formulas, laws and theories?

 Knowledge of the physical laws of the structure of our world will be useful to any person in one way or another. This is as much a part of the general cultural basis as knowledge of the basic rules of the English language, as knowledge in geography or history, as the ability to count money, as familiarity with the general principles of biological evolution …

Knowing the basics of physics, we understand a bunch of things:

– How does a car engine work?

– Why is a rocket flying in space,

– Why isn’t the iron ship sinking?

– Why does a parachutist need a parachute?

– What is controlled thermonuclear fusion?

– How does a pump or electric kettle work?

Yes, without this knowledge it is quite possible to live. But still…

We have another important point. Almost all of today’s high school students will become parents, dads, and moms over time.

And their little kids will ask a million questions:

– Why is there a trolleybus or Tesla?

– Why is there a rainbow?

– Why is thunder thundering?

– Why weightlessness in space?

– Why is the light on?

– Why are snowflakes so different? …

Parents will have to answer all these children’s questions … If you once understood this science well enough at school, then even after 10-20 years you will easily be able to explain to a child of preschool or primary school age all the answers to the above questions. And these answers will be short and based on the child’s level of understanding.

Of course, the study of all these physical formulas, problems and experiments that are included in the standard school curriculum represents a much deeper level of studying physics than will be useful in the future for most students.

It is clear that not all high school students will be inspired by the thoughts expressed in this text … But maybe they will inspire someone, give strength and patience to study physics a little more diligently, without excessive reluctance.

Physics is necessary for us so that we know how our world functions!

Physics is the science of the phenomena of the world around us.

Physics shows the fundamental relationship of processes and phenomena in nature in qualitative and quantitative form.

Physics allows you to deeply understand what is happening around you! Physics in collaboration with mathematics allows you to describe and predict events.

In the end, it is physicists who must give the perfect answer to the question of how the universe actually came into being.

A person basically needs to study physics in order to have access to new sources of energy, to improve man’s power over nature! Because it is everywhere.

Physics is everywhere and around!

Physics is the beginning and foundation of all sciences!

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