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One-on-one online physics lessons with a professional teacher!. We will build the most profitable, individual course of study for you. Look at Physics with new eyes!


Learn physics online!

We provide an opportunity to study physics online. We provide the services of the best physics teachers!

The modern world and the achievement of communication technologies make it possible to have online training for a student anywhere in the world from a teacher to any other.

Simple-Physics School

International School

The School provides online lessons to a student from any country and in almost any language.

5 World Languages

The ability to have classes in more than 5 languages. With experienced teachers from different countries.

Smart Classes 1+1

Adapted classes for the individual characteristics of the student. Online training on the 1+1 system.

25+ Courses

Many individual classes: according to the level of knowledge of the student, according to the sections of physics.

Physics for girls

Special programs in physics for girls. Aimed at understanding the subject and using the knowledge in real life.

Flexible price

Flexible price per lesson! Taking into account the real needs of the student and the level of the teacher involved.

Simple-Physics School is a wonderful online service for learning physics! My colleagues are smart, kind, and supportive. The school is well organized and efficient. We provide an individual approach to each child! They are in the right hands! We have special programs for girls to study physics!

Nataliia Osyka

Physics Teacher, School founder

5 steps to success!

Knowledge analysis. Determination of learning goals and individual characteristics of the student.
Building an individual training plan. Selection of a teacher. Coordination of the training schedule.
Training period. Constant monitoring of the student's knowledge and success.
In the middle of the course, we carry out a general test. Analysis of the results. Correction of lessons.
Completion of training. Summarizing. Planning the next level of learning!

How it works?

We have a simple but very effective training system. Our system is based on 5 steps to the desired result!

This system applies an individual approach to each student. Starting from testing knowledge and selecting a teacher, ending with the control of the achieved result at all stages of training.

We have expertise in all levels of physics from introductory high school courses through advanced university level courses. We know where students struggle and I know how to help them overcome these areas.

Price for our services

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