Nataliia Osyka – teacher, physics tutor for schoolchildren.


Education: Graduated in 2000, Department of Physics, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Specialty – optics, physics teacher.
Work experience: over 15 years
The main goal of my teaching activity is to give every student the opportunity to receive quality education, taking into account individual capabilities and needs. Creating inner comfort for the student! I believe that the main thing in teaching is the student’s interest in physics as a scientific subject!
Today, the value of knowledge lies not in the fact that everything in the world is perceived according to the “I know – I do not know”, “I can – I do not know how” scheme, but in the fact that the leading thesis is: “I search – I find, I think – I learn, I train – I do”!
Based on the above, I consider it necessary to teach students:
  • think independently and generate new ideas;
  • plan your activities and make decisions;
  • apply the knowledge gained in real life;
  • be sociable;
  • independently work on the development of creative abilities.
Also in my area of interest is the role of women in science and especially in Physics. Protection of the right to an equal role and place in science and in society on a par with men!
Promotion of the science of physics among young people and schoolchildren!
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